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What is Moonfall about?

Moonfall is a hand-painted side-scrolling 2D action RPG beatem up set in an industrial gothic universe named Terra Nihil. It tells a story of a once small Empire at the peak of its glory attained by a mysterious element called Lunarium that suddenly experiences a surge in attacks from so-called Savages, aboriginal tribes living outside its borders.




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415d ago

I wasn't expecting much from the game. Thought I'd play it and never touch it again because the combat mechanics weren't so convincing. But it kept me in the game for a whole run. In less than four hours it can be played through with one of three classes. The small loot mechanics and the levelling up of skills and attributes draws you through the game. The four main skills are quickly unlocked and the fights are then quite okay to play. The fast pace gets you further and further. This is very good for the game. The story is there and it was okay. No big talk. You learn everything about a small text at the beginning and the rest results from the very small mission texts. I thought that was perfectly sufficient. The missions are nicely designed and the drawings look kind of pretty. If you don't expect too much here, you get an okayish brawler. As far as pure combat mechanics are concerned, there are certainly better representatives.

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