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What is Need to Know about?

Welcome to Need to Know, the surveillance thriller sim that tests your ability and integrity within the shadowy, cutthroat world of a modern intelligence agency - the Department of Liberty. You must spy on people's deepest secrets, pick apart their private lives, and determine how dangerous they are. You can also resist these suffocating privacy invasions by aiding underground groups in leaking data to the media. Or, you can just use all of that juicy classified information for your own personal gain. Your call.
Need to Know emphasises story, and will sculpt the crushing growth of our real-world surveillance society into a meaningful, gripping journey. It critiques the system by passing the uncomfortable (or too comfortable?) mantle of power onto your shoulders, and testing which choices you'll make. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll sweat bullets under the searing blaze of an interrogation lamp.

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