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What is Never give up! about?

Never Give Up is a masocore, tough-as-nails groundhog day platformer where levels respawn with more obstacles and rooms until you survive the set or Give Up. If you're on the fence about whether this game is for you, here are some things you might not know about Never Give Up. Easy Mode - Play with checkpoints, we're not judging. Infinite Jump Mode - Yes, you read that correctly - go nuts, float above it all. Give Up Button - Skip to the next level, return when you've cooled off, or don't.
It's true Never Give up was designed to be very difficult, but it was also designed to allow players some control over just how difficult. Everyone should have a chance to never give up. Leaderboards, split timers, speedrunning tools, and more. We've also included accessibility features such as button remapping, contrast sliders, and animation/screenshake toggles for folks with sensitivities to these sorts of things.

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