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What is Oafmatch about?

Oafmatch is a roleplaying game that combines traditional RPG turn-based combat with match-three mechanics.

Join Knuckles the Oaf and his menagerie of faithful companions in an epic quest to save their stricken homeland  from the vile depredations of a powerful and mysterious foe. Go into battle with four party members carefully picked from thirty playable classes, match gems to power up your teams weapons, and then unleash devastating attacks on your enemies!

RPG / Match-three hybrid combat system: match gems, earn mana, trigger terrifying skills to crush your foes.Sixty unique, equippable weapons, each with five different ability ranks.Dozens of wildly different monsters to wreak havok upon your poor party.Thirty playable classes, each with their own unique traits to master and levels to attain. Huge campaign worth over 30 hours of pain, death, and light-hearted dialogs.Roguelike dungeon mode for an ever changing (and ever punishing) experience.New Game Plus option, with shuffled loot and extra playable classes.Full controller support.

Playing Oafmatch you will quickly discover that this is a game for match-three lovers and RPG-lovers alike. It is also a game for tinkerers, as beneath its friendly exterior lurks a very deep well of party-building and party-outfitting strategic gameplay.

The games strategy and tactics revolve, you see, around six colors: red, yellow, green, white, blue, and purple. Each character is assigned two colors, a major and a minor one. A properly formed party will have all six colors represented; at least in minor form. Neglect a color at your own peril!