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What is Prominence about?

After living for generations as persecuted refugees, the Letarri people set their sights on a far-off planet as a promising new home. But when the interstellar mission to colonize the new world goes terribly awry, the fate of their people falls into the hands of a lone adventurer. Now its up to you to unravel the mystery of what happened. Can you save them and their mission, or is it already too late?
Prominence is a first-person, point-and-click adventure game for the PC filled with puzzle-solving goodness, compelling character arcs, and an engaging story of hope and humanity in the best traditions of good science-fiction.

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618d ago

Atmospheric SciFi adventure. Exciting with slightly emotional moments. The puzzles are largely manageable and with a pleasant level of difficulty: challenging, but ok. Only one or two are really hard nuts and can hardly be cracked without a solution booklet. All in all, absolutely recommendable to play. Playing time, a good 9 hours, I'd say. Solid entertainment, boredom doesn't come up. Only the end is a little short. . . It feels like the development team has run out of time to get the ending right. But there are two alternative ends, which you should definitely play through both (save in time before!) Some questions remain open at the end. . . But still: A good game! I'd buy it again.

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