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What is Pylon: Rogue about?

Take all of the combat of an Action-RPG, cram it into a non-stop action game with RPG character progression, add a bit of satire, and just one life to make it to the end, and that's Pylon: Rogue.
Arcade style hack-n-slash combat, mixed with RPG-style character progression.
Different skills and item choices are required to complete the game with each of the four heroes and each of their weapon sets. Everyone is sure to find a favorite, but they are all equally fun in their own right.
A one-button combo and charge attack system. It's all about your timing!
The more you play, the better chance you have to make it to the end, thanks to dozens of unlockable items that can make it easier to survive.
Choose from dozens of off-the-wall power-ups like the Rubber Ducky, Non-Organic Orange, and the Filth Finger.
Stack and level-up items for all sorts of additive damage and see their effects right on your character, in all their shimmering, magical glory.
No two runs are the same; everything from items to maps are procedurally generated.
We use 100% locally grown, organic polygons that were rendered in a healthy environment.

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