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What is Read Only Memories about?

December, 2064AD. Your life as a struggling journalist is interrupted by the world's first sapient robot, a ROM named Turing. Your friend, a brilliant AI engineer and Turings creator, has gone missing. Why did he disappear? Who's involved? Why would they want him? Explore the world of Neo-San Francisco, befriend the locals, and decide how to approach your encounters. It's up to you to uncover the mystery of their disappearance in this cyberpunk graphic adventure game! Read Only Memories is a cyberpunk graphic adventure game that focuses on putting queer and diverse characters in meaningful roles, creating an exciting and tense adventure and story, and features the unique and exotic graphics and sounds that make up 2064 Neo-SF.

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83d ago

2064 is a Point'n Click Adventure that contains so much text/conversation that it almost feels like Visual Novel. But if you remember the old adventure games and RPGs of the late 1980s and early 1990s, you don't necessarily know that much text has to be bad if the story is told well. And she will in this cyberpunk game. Partly funny, partly challenging, because the game develops a complete environment for its history and that sometimes gets out quite a bit. The game clearly reminds me of Shadowrun and I really like that.

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