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What is SquareCells about?

SquareCells is an ambient logic puzzle game. Reveal the pattern in the grid using the surrounding clues. Includes 36 brain teasing puzzles.




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626d ago

Squarecells comes from the creator of the Hexcells-series and also here it must be found out by thinking whether fields are free or occupied. This time it's not about hex fields, but squares. Since the available information has also changed, it is a new independent game. For example, a number on a field no longer means the number of adjacent occupied fields, but the number of connected fields that can have forms such as Tetris parts. There are 32 maps and the increase in difficulty is steeper than the first Hexcells- part. All puzzles can be solved by thinking. If you have problems with a map, you can select another map from the main menu and the old map will be saved in its state. There is no generator for random maps.

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