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What is Star Ocean - The Last Hope about?

From the creative minds of Square Enix and tri-Ace, STAR OCEAN - THE LAST HOPE takes place at the very beginning of the Star Ocean series.
This action-packed RPG takes players on the epic journey of mankind's last stand, with exploration and battle across some of the most mysterious, dangerous and fantastical worlds of the universe.
Earth has been decimated by World War III and now humanity must turn to the stars in search of a new home. Explore the galaxy on your quest, make allies and enemies among the alien races you encounter and uncover a danger so great that it threatens all of creation.




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618d ago

The most sensible use of storage space of 2017. I loved the game as a teenager on PS3 back then and completely forgot how much fun it can be. After a bumpy start in the starting area for me, I have now reached the third planet. It is unbelievably fun to rediscover everything that has been forgotten. Tactical boss fights, a really very nice skill and level system, characters you just have to love, combined with a very nice story. That's all that makes this masterpiece. Unfortunately I can't say anything about the 4k, but according to an acquaintance of mine it should run very smoothly with the right settings. This game makes me gamble again until 11pm, although I wanted to be in bed at 8pm. Pro: Great fighting systemGreat characters with depthSophisticated skill and level systemClass story narrationContra: The memory points are a bit far apart at the beginning as they were then. All in all for me the best game of 2017 and 100% buy recommendation!

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