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What is SteamCity Chronicles - Rise Of The Rose about?

SteamCity is a turn-based strategy game with a unique world setting, merging steampunk with a strong Asian influence. Take the lead of the small group of rebels fighting their way out from the evil corporation! Play the story from level to level, use the skill tree to train and assemble your team for each fight! Find parts, build mechs to take them with you to the battle! Find civilian rebels and let them join you in the fight against evil!
The game tells the gripping story of the daring rebellion of Sophie von Eschenbach, the 'Rose of Freedom' against the Yamagami corporation - a faceless organization from the East, hell-bent on complete efficiency and productivity. It has strong roots in established classics but adds its own individual twist to the well-known formula.
You can control many characters, from brave Rose Militia members who have taken up arms against the evil Yamagami Corporation, to powerful steam robots, renegade enemy soldiers, and even the main heroes of the game. Use the skill tree to level up characters and assemble your army for each battle. Once you select a character, you can command them to move, run, look around, place a sentry, or open fire on the enemy - the choice is yours. However, be wary that your opponent is a skilled strategist, and they'll be looking at every opportunity to exploit your mistakes, flank you, and take the upper hand in battles.

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