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What is Surgeon Simulator 2 about?

Follow in the steps of Nigel Burke's mentors, the pioneers who brought surgery to the masses by teaching that there's nothing a sharp scalpel and a positive attitude can't do. Enter the bowels of the world's premier surgery learning centre in Bardnardshire -- the birthplace of the LHS (Local Health Service) and join the cooperative teams working to embrace the motto that every day is a good day to save lives, regardless of expensive medical degrees.
Welcome to Surgeon Simulator 2, the most advanced multiplayer surgery game ever made, where every object, every organ and every limb are up for grabs. Or dropping. That depends on your skill level, really. Unleash your life-saving ambitions in this genre-defining game that breaks the mold of what a sequel means, throwing players in a heart-bursting extravaganza that makes the original Surgeon Simulator look pale in comparison (perhaps a blood transfusion is in order).

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