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What is The Castle Doctrine about?

The Castle Doctrine is a massively-multiplayer game of burglary and home defense. Its 1991, and things are bad. Youre a guy with a house and family. Other players are coming to take whats yours. Build security to stop them. Study their houses, buy tools, and break in to take whats theirs. Everything you do is permanent.



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Jason Rohrer


29 Jan 2014 ⏰




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13d ago

The Castle DoctrineThe core is actually a puzzle game. You have $2, 000 to create the most complicated puzzle possible to protect your safe and your family. When your property is safe, you set out to rob other players. The community seems very lively at the moment and so you basically have an infinite pool of new levels. The game offers a unique concept that can be frustrating, but still allows you to try again and again. The Permadeath component makes Castle Doctrine extremely exciting, every mistake leads to death. Even during the test runs of your own security system, you will have to die again and again and start again. This is very frustrating and the possibility to save layouts for traps is unfortunately missing. Thats why most of the time in the game is spent in construction mode from the beginning. The whole layout of the game is kept very simple. Unfortunately, the simplest comfort is missing:There is no full screen option (as far as I know). There is only one setting you can change (music on/off). You have to scroll page by page through the list of opponents, an option to jump to the start/end of the list would be handy. I give Castle Doctrine 7 points on a scale of 1 to 10 because the concept is new and exciting. The replay value is very high as long as the community remains active. However, the above defects should not exist for this price

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