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What is The Evil Within: The Assignment about?

Experience survival horror from a new perspective with The Evil Within: The Assignment. This is the first of a two-part, story driven experience where players take on the role of detective Juli Kidman, Sebastian Castellanos' mysterious partner, in a concurrent story that looks to answer some of the questions surrounding her whereabouts during The Evil Within. Along the way she will encounter disturbing new enemies, discover new mysteries, and uncover new horrors. The Assignment gives fans of The Evil Within the perfect opportunity to discover detective Kidman's hidden motivations and her mysterious connection to Mobius, the shadowy group thought to be behind the gruesome events of The Evil Within.




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304d ago

Very exemplary story DLC! I was surprised how different it partly plays as the main game. While the focus of the main game was more on action, the DLC puts more emphasis on being quiet or sneaking and the horror atmosphere is more in the foreground. I also liked the fact that you can lean against the wall + look around the corner. I would have wished for the main game. To be honest I have to say that the DLC (also the next one) had a better conversation somewhere than the main game Fazit:Class DLC!

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