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What is The Sojourn about?

The story of The Sojourn is told rather passively. As the game shows you its environments and statues in different situations, you only receive information from text inserts or documents that you acquire after solving puzzles. The themes The Sojourn deals with are directly taken from life and are about growing up and learning. The story thus becomes accessible to everyone and offers enough space for their own interpretations. The gameplay is as relaxed as the narrative of the story. You steer the mute main character through the levels from an ego perspective and solve puzzles. It's often about the game between light and shadow. Step into portals and darkness rays again and again to get into the shadow world. The world then changes from light to dark, opening up areas that were previously inaccessible. This creates bridges over abysses but also obstacles that you can only cross in the light. In addition, statues are activated in the shadow world, which you have to use in every puzzle. The game offers relaxed puzzle fun in a picturesque world. The slow speed and the calm sounds immediately draw you into the world and create an interesting atmosphere. Even if the story is told passively, the depicts scenes are always interesting to watch.