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What is The Station about?

The Station game is a first-person narrative mystery set on a space station sent to study a sentient alien civilization.
How would you react if we discovered a sentient alien civilization, challenging everything we know about biology, chemistry, physics, religion and answering the questions man has asked throughout history?
But what if this sentient alien civilization was discovered in a state of civil war?
Determining that the rewards outweigh the risks, an undetectable space station with a small three-person crew deploys to research the alien culture in search of a means towards a peaceful relationship.
Unable to contact the crew, a recon specialist is sent to uncover what happened. What players discover will challenge their view of surveillance, imperialism and moral law.
Welcome aboard The Station.

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618d ago

First of all: The game is very short, but is still worth its money. There is a lot to discover and the story makes you think. There are a handful of puzzles in the game that are not worth mentioning, but are still made quite nice. Graphics and atmosphere are coherent, but there are no real high but also no lowlights. The art design is imaginative and the general style is very colorful. I went through it twice, because I missed some details the first time. Longer than 90-120 minutes, I don't think. Accordingly one should consider the purchase well.

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