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What is The Wizards about?

Use motion controllers to destroy your enemies by weaving magic into lightning, fireballs, and other elemental spells. Chain combos and use different tactics against the hostile creatures. Make the game as challenging or as casual as you like with Fate Cards, and become the hero you've always wanted to be with powerful spells at your fingertips!
Action-adventure VR spellcaster set in a rich fantasy world
Campaign featuring time travel, heroic battles and dragons
Intuitive system of casting spells with hand gestures
Six element-based spells to learn and upgrade
High replayability thanks to game-modifying Fate Cards
Arena mode with challenging battles on the arenas
Free movement and/or teleportation-based exploration



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Carbon Studio


8 Mar 2018 ⏰




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44d ago

The Wizard is a kind of wave shooter with spells. As magicians we butcher our way through orcs, goblins and more. We use gesture control to shoot fireballs and lightning as well as to summon a shield or an ice bow. And I have to say, this works first class. The gestures are simple and intuitive. Throwing the fireball also works very well. As a little bonus the vibration possibility of the controllers was finally used again, which gives you a certain feedback when you hold a fireball in your hand. The graphics of the game makes a good impression, even if the maps are tube-like. A mixture of teleportation and free movement is used for locomotion. (of course, you can only teleport) We can upgrade our spells after a successful round and unlock new effects. In addition, we can play cards of fate. We use these to increase our score. We can strengthen or weaken opponents, which has an impact on the score. Both a global scoreboard and a personal high score serve as an incentive. I would have liked to have had a little more opportunities to interact with the world, but otherwise the game was a complete success. Magic works flawlessly, the graphics are good and I didn't have any bugs or game crashes either. The speaker is also doing a good job. Only the highscore of the leader in the list looks like a cheater, but the developer has already promised to fix it. Maybe a few more words would have been nice, but it's also so much fun.

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