This Strange Realm of Mine
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What is This Strange Realm of Mine about?

This Strange Realm Of Mine is a First Person Shooter mixed with poetry and psychological horror. Graphic style is 3D mixed with pixel art.

- Old-School FPS action
- Explore Fantastical Worlds
- Puzzles
- Story heavy
- Poetry
- Varying gameplay
- Original Soundtrack (Included)

Start off by creating yourself, then die.

In REALM you explore your afterlife. On your quest youll find characters in different situations, with their problems and thoughts on life. You can invite them to your tavern, a safe-haven in the midst of all the chaos. Youll also meet Ulrich, a spiritual guide wholl take you through your experience as a lost soul.

Youll come across monstrous beings who are eager to put their teeth in you. There are several ways to rid yourself of them however, ranging from guns to melee weapons. Be ready to get your hands dirty and watch the blood drip slowly from the roof and walls.

This universe consists of both beauty and indescribable horrors, in REALM youll experience both. Lets hope you have a good time, and who knows, maybe youll learn something on the way..

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87d ago

The mix of pixel graphics and 3D is excellent and has grabbed me directly. Just my thing. And then Survival Horror and Shooter. Perfect. Gameplay is fluid and sound is fine. The philosophical texts are probably a matter of taste. I think it's very well written and makes me think. If you look at the previous games from the developer you can see how he continues to evolve. I am already looking forward to the next project.

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