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What is Timelie - Hell Loop about?

Want more challenge? Timelie: Hell Loop, the game's first official DLC is now available for the hardcore puzzle lover craving more!
Prepare to dive into madness with additional puzzles designed to kill both your time and your patience, complete with all-new gimmicks and strategies! MORE THAN 30 LEVELS OF NEW PUZZLESHell Loop is a 10+ hour adventure filled with unexpected puzzles and mind-blowing tricks unlike anything you've seen in the original game. DESIGNED FOR HARDCORENo compromise and no mercy. Beat the original chapters to access Hell Loop and prepare to torment your sanity with new puzzles that use Timelie's unique mechanics to their full potential. NO STORY ADDITIONPlease don't expect any new story-related content. Like, seriously…AND FOR FREE! Download now for free and experience the madness that is Hell Loop. Can you make it to the end? ?

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