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What is Toddler Simulator about?

Have you ever wanted to re-live your days as toddler? The carefree joy of bringing your pain to those around you? The destruction? The chaos? The anarchy? This is your chance.
Trash the bedroom, mess up the bathroom, then discover what lays beyond the front door as you roam freely in a vast world. Leave an extensive trail of destruction in your wake. The huge world that awaits you is filled with dozens of enterable houses and buildings, driveable cars, various missions, heaps of collectables, hidden areas, and more.

Why should I play this?
You destroy stuff
Open world to explore
You can jump really high
Puke on demand
Driving forklifts is fun
Over the top and funny physics
The toddler does dances
Like breakdancing and the chicken dance and stuff

Do you have other reasons?
You an customize your character
Its got trees
Did I mention you can destroy stuff?
Am I really a toddler?
In the game yes.
In real life... maybe... suitable for all ages! No seriously, my "adorable" little inspirations have even played it!