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What is TurbOT Racing about?

You are an Advanced AI driving a TurbOT, the ultimate racing machine without the use of wheels.Your main directives from now on will be:1) To identify the scanned elements on the environment and translate this information in fast and precise reactions to maximize your speed and predict the needed maneuvers on each assigned route. 2) To manage the energy produced by the TurbOT reactor sharing power between your turbo systems and processor, what will allow you to get better maneuverability or the capabilities to perform more tasks by second.3) While the concept of entertainment or a full comprehension of human fun is useless to your main directives, you can use the information about the number of people watching your presentations (that we call fans) as a secondary parameter of success since this will also to reflect on the tracks we will assign to your unit and the amount of resources that ASIMOTORS will invest on each hardware upgrade on your body.4) You will also need to provide guidance on hardware upgrades to improve your performance after each race.You will be matched with other Advanced AIs versions installed on bodies alike yours, so, to present a better performance than your competitors is indispensable to be considered as the final and better AI version.

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