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What is Uncanny Valley about?

Uncanny Valley is a survival horror game that includes a mix of exploration, puzzle solving and a bit of action with a lot of optional story content. Were trying to preserve the old survival horror kind of gameplay instead of following the modern trend of creating a third person shooter with horror elements.

You play as a security guard named Tom at a remote facility. Hes in charge of the night shift, while his lazy partner Buck is in charge of the day shift. Nights are long, so Tom starts exploring the facility and finds things he shouldnt. The story plays a huge part in the game, so saying anything more would be a major spoiler.

Uncanny Valleys main difference from other games is a thing we like to call the consequence system. Whenever you fail at something, the game goes on, but with harsh consequences for your character that can impact both the story and the gameplay.

For example - you fail at avoiding your attackers, meaning your character will move slower throughout the game, making it harder to escape future pursuers. The player then needs to be careful and more clever, which adds more tension to the game. Of course, there are mistakes you can do that lead to your death, but were trying to avoid that as much as possible.

Why? Because dying and repeating the same section over and over is tedious and leads to frustration. The game stops being scary if youre angry and just want to rush through it, so we think that adding such a system will still keep the tension while adding a new layer to scariness.




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337d ago

Tom's in trouble with some creepy guys and wants to disappear for a while. The ad for the job as a security guard in a disused research facility somewhere in snowy nowhere comes in handy for him, but with every night shift the facility becomes scary. Your actions in this adventure have consequences and influence the course of history. Although it is primarily an adventure game and not an action game, you can die at a certain point and then have to start over again. The game is designed in such a way that you have to play through it several times and proceed differently again and again in order to discover new story elements and thus get on the trail of truth piece by piece. Not everyone will like Uncanny Valley, but those who get involved will experience an exciting horror thriller with fresh ideas and real WTF moments. If you want to know more, you can find a detailed Review.

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