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What is Vulture Strike about?

Side-scrolling shooting game in which you have the ability to travel between 2 parallel timelines whenever you want.
Use the Wormhole mechanic to avoid obstacles
Travel freely between 2 parallel timelines to survive.
Visions allow you to use the Wormhole mechanic carefully
Colorful silhouettes around your ship indicate the dangers in the parallel timeline.
Increase your score by taking high risks
By putting yourself in dangerous situations right before opening a Wormhole, your score multiplier will increase greatly, allowing you to sum impressive amounts of points. Activate Frenzy Mode by filling up the Frenzy gauge.
Game features:
- Strictly horizontal 2.5D.
- No player health bar, 1 hit KO.
- 2 main buttons: shoot and Wormhole (a third optional button can be used to expand the vision into the parallel timeline).
- 3 difficulty settings.
- Precise and completely configurable controls, works with keyboard, gamepad, arcade sticks, both analog and digital directions can be used for movement. Mouse controls are not supported.
- Risk-reward based scoring system.
- Standard shot and 2 powered up shot modes.
- Online leaderboards.
- 5 levels.
- Graphic configuration options.
- Events in game tied to frames. If your computer struggles when rendering the game and the framerate drops, the game will be slowed down, no frames will be skipped.
- Visions color can be changed by the player to make them more or less visible and more pleasing to the eye.
- Unlimited use of the Wormhole mechanic, which allows for infinite different ways to approach the levels and unlimited potential to optimize runs for high scores.