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What is WARSHIFT about?

WARSHIFT is the unique mix of the Action, Strategy and Role-playing gameplay elements that forms an innovative game genre. You can build base, manage troops, and then come down to keep your enemy at gunpoint in the dynamic battle and customize your main characters. This unusual gameplay requires a complete change of your play style.

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626d ago

In this review follows an unorganized mish-mash of pros and cons, since I again did not manage to put habu2018 structure into my text. Have fun! I had expectations of WARSHIFT. The design was new and interesting, the graphics very nice and the inclusion of typical third-person elements in a strategy shooter attracted me as a layman in the genre. Since Stronghold Crusader 2, it's the only strategy game I've dealt with in the last few months (but only by the way). I was hoping for a long term experience, which will please make the most of its potential; A shooter in a strategy game? Wru2018 cool, right? All the better that during development, great attention is paid to the single player campaign. So, has it been worth acquiring this point for yourself?Well, not really. After 10 missions and 4. 5 hours has already been 2019s. The action; We are the republic and must finish the aliensu2026 and robots gibtu2019s also. As far as I've followed the plot, it won't get much more interesting. Unfortunately. I like (especially in sci-fi and fantasy) background stories about planets, races and technologies. You don't notice it here. Yes, the worlds look really interesting and nicely designed, but that doesn't tell me why my opponent spread out just behind a volcano or why we throw energy balls at each other. By the way, I doubt that after the ominous u201eThe Final Battleu201c some more information will be patched. But it's just the bitter taste in a video game nowadaysu2026 doesn't itch anyone, huh? *sigh* we just continue with the gameplayu2026

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