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What is Way of Redemption about?

Way of Redemption is a perfect combination of an arcade and a sports video game, with a pinch of MOBA. Classified as a MOSA (Multiplayer Online Sport Arena), it grants you countless hours of action, frenzy and competitiveness game after game. Earn the Gods' redemption by destroying the enemy portal with powerful ball throws, show your skills in the field and crush your opponent using awesome heroes…

You can even try taking their amazing abilities to the next level! Block, jump, run, shoot, and mix defensive and offensive actions to create mighty combos. But don't forget your main goal: protecting your portal.

For hundreds of years, the Gods have organized a tournament in which the winners' redemption was granted. The chosen players, none other than great heroes fallen in disgrace, must honor the Gods by showing their true value.

The legendary ambassadors compete and take up multiple challenges in different arenas, fighting one to one or in groups of two against other alliances. It's their chance to show their talent and unique skills.

In this sport, pantheons compete while Gods enjoy the show. But this is more than a game: it's one of the most epic competitions ever, where their honor and most treasured belongings are at stake.

Redeeming your sins has a price, are you willing to pay it? If you love eSports or want to put your abilities to test, show your skills in Way of Redemption.

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621d ago

Class multiplayer game. I didn't think it would be fun even after a few hours. The meaning of the game or the gameplay is clear from the beginning. We play either alone against an opponent or 2 vs 2, the goal is to hit the opponent's portal with ball shots, which has 1000 life points. Several characters with different abilities are available. Those who help or launch a special attack. You can play online against other players (cross gameplay, i. e. PS4 players are also in the game) or offline by co-op with your friends or against the AI. Rankings matches are also searched for in the search. Man rises level and hero level. Winning games and ascending levels bring gold. With this gold you can buy chests containing profile pictures/avatars, frames for your avatar, clothes for heroes. Tutorials only take place in the form of YouTube videos. Good and easy to learn controls, suitable soundtrack, graphics is also coherent. Unfortunately I found only a few PC players, mainly PS4 gamers. Maybe it was also the Europa server. Of course, other servers can also be selected at game start. Way of Redemption has developed addictions in me. Once started, you get stuck. Despite a more or less simple and clear gameplay right from the start. But it's just fun. It's fast and you're always challenged.

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