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What is World of One about?

You live in your own small world that has everything you need – cozy home, backyard with a rocking chair, beautiful garden, and your own amusement park with music and unlimited amounts of fireworks to launch. You even have a Ferris wheel to touch the stars! Nothing stands between you and this secluded paradise, only an unsettling feeling in the back of your mind that something is going wrong. At some point, it all dramatically changes and now you have to find out what this world really conceals…


World of One - an indie puzzle-platformer game with planet-based physics where you plunge into the grim and dark atmosphere of discouragement and depression. You have to find out why you live in this world, how did you get here, and why there are so many questions and few answers?

Through ominous and sullen rain you travel between small round planets, as if youve been thrown into the Little Princes world, filled with deadly traps, puzzles and horrible monsters that are striving to kill you. Only your determination will help you complete your journey and find the truth about yourself.

Beware, World of One will challenge your mind and your skills. Moreover, you can play Hardcore (only three lives), but it is not recommended for the first experience of the game.

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640d ago

You know Limbo, right? That's why I blindly hit World of One: both games have similar aesthetics. Both games are a puzzle sidescroller with jump'n'Run or platforming inlays. World of One explains very little, you have to find out a lot yourself; the puzzles are not quite easy, but with a little brain fat you can solve them. In contrast to Limbo, there are also fighting scenes, so you can defend yourself against enemies and dangers. The game is completely in German, the Sterung with the XB1-Pad went well of the hand, even if the control seems a little spongy in the first minutes; I got used to it however very fast. The only point of criticism is the quiet mixing of the game sound or the SFX; even at 100% the sound is a bit too quiet, which makes sound based puzzles a bit difficult (but not impossible). Maybe it's just me and my hearing (note: make an appointment with an ear specialist). For the low price World of One offers a lot and if you like Limbo-a-like, give World of One a chance.

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