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What is World War Z about?

World War Z is a co-op shooter for up to four players, based on the novel and film template of the same name. The 3rd-person shooter takes you to New York, Moscow and the Isreal and to the fight against up to 500 zombies at the same time, which rise up and climb over each other like in the film. In each setting there are four different characters to choose from, but they are divided into certain classes. You can take the class and weapon progress between the different locations with you. The levels are linked by a story and are mission-based. However, an AI director makes sure that the enemies enter the level differently and that the special zombies are also placed differently so that there is variety. Players can also use traps and barricades in the levels or use interactive elements to fend off the hordes of undead.

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    Saber Interactive

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    1 Jun 2019 ⏰





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339d ago

If you work 8-10 hours a day and just want to enjoy a simple game technique in the evening, can't do anything with fast-reacting 12-year-olds, don't want to spend 130 hours in a game with levels but just want to run through technically clean levels and transport zombies to Nirvana in all imaginable ways...then it's just a great game. Graphics does what I expect: I recognize all essential things, and it is detailed. Alone it's just as fun as Koop and the size is satisfying for people who can't spend 100h time per game.

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