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What is Zotrix about?

Zotrix is a twin-stick space shooter that combines the retro look and feel of 80's and 90's arcade games with modern gameplay elements, customization, and depth.
The game's console debut adds an Arcade Mode, new missions, more boss encounters, as well as new ships and power-ups unavailable in the well-received original version that some may be familiar with from its PC launch.
Zotrix is a twin-stick space shooter at its core, but on top of that it's also a surprisingly deep space trading game. The Story Mode gives you specific objectives, but lets you plot your own route through a network of space stations to achieve them. You'll escort trade ships from one station to the next, protecting them from onslaughts of enemies in intricate flight patterns attempting to intercept or destroy humanity's vital war resources.

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642d ago

Zotrix is a space arcade shooter inspired by old games from the 80s and 90s. The content of the game is actually destroying other ships, upgrading his ship, etc. There is one main mission and a few side missions, but they are all similar. In the long run the missions are a bit boring and the enemies repeat themselves again and again later. At the beginning the game seems very difficult, which is because you don't understand the mission system at the beginning and choose the wrong route on which there are far too strong opponents for you at the beginning. But when you understand which route you have to choose; the game is easy and no longer offers a challenge. After about 9 hours you are with the story through and after about 14 hours with the last achievement. There will be a second part this year, I hope that the level of difficulty will be increased and that the missions and opponents will be made more varied. Totally I give 6/10 points but 12 is too expensive, I recommend to wait for an offer.

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