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The Harvest is a fresh new take on free-to-play MOBA Shooters with Battle Royale elements powered by blockchain. Fight along with your teammates from different civilizations against other players to take control of the universe's essence. Set up your hero through the card system to define your combat style, jump into the battle and become the best squad! The Harvest is a new IP created from scratch with deep lore. It has different civilizations, heroes, conflicts, risk-taking, and, maybe, chivalric romance in its background. Discover all the stories about each Breacher, their civilizations, and their motivations to risk their lives in The Harvest. Find your most suitable Breacher among the different civilizations in this new space opera and get ready for The Harvest. Go beyond the dynamic team fights and the MOBA mechanics! Create your social Metaverse status by conquering lands from different planets. Win lands being the best in the arena or get them on the Marketplace and become an Emperor of the Metaverse. Build infrastructures in your lands to improve your NFT items or, earn tokens by renting your properties to other players!


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