Sudden Strike 4

Sudden Strike 4

Developed as a fully-fledged series entry and not a remake or reboot, Sudden Strike 4 sends you off on three extensive campaigns set amongst the battlefields of World War II. Commanding the British and American, German or Soviet troops, you will lead over 100 different units into battle, including the German bomber Heinkel He111, the Russian T-34 tank, the British Hawker Typhoon fighter plane and the notorious German Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger. In a first for the Sudden Strike series, you can now choose from one of nine individual commanders, such as George Patton or Bernard Montgomery, who will each allow for different approaches to combat and boast unique abilities.

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User Review

Only singe player played so far!

Entry in the game: 3 out of 5
A tutorial is available to familiarize yourself with the
Basics of the game. Tips during the campaign are also available. Real-time strategists should feel at home.


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