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The Tenth Line 

The Tenth Line is the first commercial game project from Sungazer Software. During your adventure, youll guide the princess of the tiny nation of Easania, far from home and desperate to escape the clutches of a mysterious cult in hot pursuit. Along with her unusual but reliable companions, youll explore a vibrant world of humans, beasts, and dragons, all struggling to coexist in the tension following the assassination of the king of the nation of Skyweather. Troubled times are ahead, indeed - the long-prophesied end of the world is fast approaching, and with only her wits, her blade, and her royal upbringing to guide her, can she make it home to her family before the end of days? Gameplay involves adventuring through distinct areas using traditional 2D platforming mechanics, but with a twist: each character is controlled separately, and can move, attack, and interact with the world in unique ways. Youll also visit the occasional village or safe haven, and have an opportunity to take on new quests, play cards, and chat with the locals. Enemies roam the wilds, meanwhile, and can be engaged or ambushed by your heroes, thrusting your party into battle. Battles are turn-based with an active timing element: youll decide on commands for each character, then carry those attacks out using careful timing and targeting. Then, its the enemys turn to retaliate, giving your party an opportunity to defend. And, with up to twelve enemies on the offense at one time, survival is not always a safe bet. Fortunately, eliminating large numbers of foes at once will leave fewer attackers behind to retaliate, and will also grant your party more momentum, allowing for even more powerful skills to be used during the next attack! Progression is handled solely by finding and applying items to your characters. Items are plentiful, and have multiple uses, so smart distribution of your treasures is key to survival. Characters can use items for training, powering up their skills and their defensive abilities, or use them to empower their "specialties" and gain a personal, tactical edge in combat. Your party members can also gain "power levels" by winning battles, completing quests, and collecting power fragments in the world. Power levels can be spent on the "Power Flow" board by playing a puzzle-like minigame to increase stats and unlock new skills. It is a challenging, refreshing method of "leveling up" that rewards careful planning and smart decisions.

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I once stumbled upon a real jewel.

I'm usually not a big fan of platformers, but this has convinced me completely. Lovely pixel graphics, lovable characters, good music and a story that may not win a Pulitzer Prize, but will keep you on screen...

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