The Town of Light

The Town of Light

The Town of Light is a first-person psychological thriller set in the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum, shutted down in the late 900, by a law from 1978 together with all other Italian asylums. The game aims to explore what’s really happened inside those walls in the fictional eyes of Renèe’s, an imaginary 16 years old girl that suffers from mental illness. The adventure starts at present days, near the Asylum. Renèe’s voice will guides the player, which will try to find her forgotten and blurred memories through her eyes, her fearsand her personal drama whilst exploring an environment full of realistic documents and locations as they were back in time as well as they are today.

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I'm trying to write my first review here, because of the good story. First of all: If you are expecting a horror game with shock effects etc., you are in the wrong place, but if you are looking for good content, you are in the right place. br>


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