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Centuries after a nuclear war, you're charged with rebuilding civilization. It's your job to create a functioning city in 20 years (that's 20 minutes realtime!). Begin by laying roads to bring food to your people, then build apartments to give them somewhere to live. Extend your reach by cutting through forest and—oops, your apartments have filled up with waste, so you'll have to build a landfill. Where was I? Cut through forest to get to ancient skyscrapers, which you'll mine for metals and plastics—you're an ace recycler! Oops, your people have deforested the area. Expand! Set up a water turbine and energy transmitters. And some parks! Now you're cooking. Build a dozen high rises and more parks. Aaand you're out of time. How'd you do? You beat your high score! Now, how can you top it?


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