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3D Frog Man is a three-dimensional maze game where the frog hero eats bugs and evades evil ghosts. The game features 30 levels, hidden passages, multiple obstacles, and dozens of bonus items. At the beginning of the game, the Frog Man chooses one of three paths: the lake, the swamp, or the river and ocean. Each path transports the hero to a different world featuring ten mazes. The Frog Man advances from level to level by eating all of the worms, ladybugs, or bubbles on each level. When all of the pellet insects are gone, the hero moves to the next level. Most of the insects are at ground level, but some are behind locked walls or in the air. The Frog Man must find a key or jump to reach these bugs. As he clears each board, the Frog Man must avoid contact with the four evil ghosts. He can jump over them, or he can eat a power-up that makes the ghosts temporarily edible. When the Frog Man powers up, he grows to twice his normal size. When the power wears off, he shrinks to normal size.


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