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Grab some sleep before jumping into this action-adventure game--you'll need the rest before setting out on an epic search for the last 40 winks in the world of dreams, which have been nabbed by the evil NiteKap. The search for the guardians of good dreams (and defenders from those bad ol' nightmares) takes players through six massive 3-D worlds, from a pirate's cove to a moon populated by savage dinosaurs, intergalactic aliens, and many other characters direct from the subconscious. Just like the "real" dream world, players can transform into different characters with special traits. Need stealth? Assume the role of a sneaky ninja warrior. Feeling super? Battle the baddies as a powerful action hero. Successfully negotiating the levels requires skilled jumping, swimming, butt bouncing (better seen than explained), and more. It's not just another action-adventure--it's the game of your dreams! The player takes control of either Ruff or Tumble, a brother and sister who are sleeping and trying to free 40 "Winks" from a man named Nitekap and his accomplice, Threadbear. "Winks" are small, white creatures which make dreams, and "Hoodwinks", which are green and of a similar size are what are responsible for any nightmares.


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