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4evolve: Deep Stars is a space sim 4X game set in randomly generated galaxy. DEEP STARS is extraordinary space game beyond the typical simulator. You take the role of spaceship Nomad, for which the player creates a career path. You can grow as a trader, smuggler or captain of the fleet. Buy and sell various goods. Create and develop your space empire! The game is open-ended, and you are free shape your career. You can sign and break alliances with the various races fighting for power, freedom and oxygen sources! The universe will never be the same. Global conflict in 2944 years caused the destruction of most planets. Particularly, those which naturally rich in oxygen. Its deficiency has forced all races to redefining its status quo. Artificial oxygen and sources of its production became the most expensive resource in the galaxy. Only a few could afford this way of survival. Many breeds became endangered. They started new alliances and new conflicts in the struggle for resources. Can you survive?


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