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A2 Racer II

About A2 Racer II

A2 Racer II again allows you to race on the well known Dutch A-2 highway. But also race tracks have been set out through 3 major Dutch cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag (the Hague). Like in the original you join illegal street races. There are six stages in the game. The first stage takes place in Amsterdam, the second on the A-2 towards Den Haag, the third in Den Haag itself, the fourth on the road to Rotterdam, the fifth in Rotterdam, and the last from Rotterdam past Utrecht back to Amsterdam. Each city has been carefully recreated in a completely new and improved 3D engine. Racing is made difficult by the police who try to block you by setting up blockades or pushing you off the road. Each time you get caught you get a ticket and lose time. With the third ticket you are out of the race. The game doesn't have a visible damage system, but if you get into too severe a crash you are also out of the race.


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