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Abandon 2 is a Breakout game with an unique approach. Like any other Breakout game, your job is to remove all bricks in the level with a ball you control via your paddle, while avoiding the loss of the ball when it goes outside the screen. Once all bricks are destroyed in a level, you proceed to the next one. When all your lives are gone, you have lost. The unique thing about this Breakout is that you don't just control one single paddle (which is usually on the lower side of the screen), but you control actually four paddles simultaneously (on each side of the screen is one paddle). The paddle control is so made, that you can easily move all four paddle just with your mouse. But the result is, that only two paddles are normal (left to right; up to down). The other two are reverse (moving the mouse left to right will move the paddle right to left). The game itself offers two game modes, Classic and Extreme. Classic is the actual Breakout game, where you play through 12 levels. Extreme is basically Classic minus Breakout. All you need to do is to reflect the ball as long as possible (the often the ball hits the paddles, the more you score).


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