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Experience a delightful, full-of-action, 2-player local co-op adventure of Ablaze, where you'll throw and activate objects to solve puzzles, tumble over obstacles to save adorable sheep and take down Scorch, the troublemaking fire spirit. Act 1 - New Friendship In the archipelago of Windfall, lived two simple souls. Calla, a shepherdess with a heart as gentle as the lambs she cared for, and Eris, a simple fisherman who found calm in the dance of the ocean waves. Their lives took a strange turn during the midsummer celebration. While Eris was peacefully sailing towards the temple island, an unexpected thump startled him. To his surprise, a sheep had fallen from the sky into his boat, seemingly dropped accidentally by a passing airship. Relieved that the sheep was safe, Eris continued to the island, where he was met by a waiting girl named Calla. With gratitude in her eyes, she warmly exclaimed, "Hi! I’m Calla. It's so fortunate that Nerus guided you there, saving my poor sheep from the sea!" United by this unusual incident, Calla and Eris decided to join each other in celebrating the feast. Act 2 - World Ablaze As the islanders of Windfall danced under the sun-kissed sky, a sudden and strange rumble broke the festive atmosphere. A meteor, ablaze with an intense, fiery glow, fell towards the island. As it approached, it shattered into thousands of flaming pieces, scattering fire across the sky. Calla and Eris, standing at a distance, watched in horror as the meteor's core struck and destroyed the sacred Temple of Nerus. Filled by a sense of urgency and concern, they quickly ran towards the smoldering ruins of the temple, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead. Act 3 - Scorch Awakens Calla and Eris finally arrived at the ruins of the temple, feeling a strange, unsettling aura filling the area. The people had gathered around the altar of Nerus, a powerful symbol of his triumphant victory against Scorch. The altar held the sacred pearl, a relic that served as the prison for the malicious Scorch. Strangely, the pearl that was once a pristine white, now bore ominous red cracks, showcasing its distress and damage. Suddenly, the pearl exploded with a massive force, freeing Scorch from his thousand years of slumber. Fragments of the pearl flew towards the islanders, imprisoning their souls within the shattered pieces. Miraculously, Calla and Eris, evaded this cruel fate. Yet, the horror was far from over. Scorch, filled with Vengence, set the once-peaceful Windfall Ablaze, his path of destruction leading him toward the Loa volcano. There, he looked to regain his past power and unleash an era of terror upon the world. The fate of Windfall, and all its trapped souls, now rested in the hands of Calla and Eris.


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