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"Welcome to Acre Shore! Goodness! It's not often someone comes to stay in our little town. Make yourself at home! You'll be staying at Theresa's BnB until something more suitable becomes available. There's just one thing that's been bothering me. I've done some asking around but no one seems to know. Who hired you?" Acre Shore is an adaptive psychological horror visual novel set in the quiet coastal town of Acre Shore. You are a detective for hire, summoned by an anonymous employer to solve a mystery that doesn't seem to exist. A private detective is hired by an anonymous employee, their passage to the town arranged by a series of unsigned letters, travel and lodging paid for in cash. Upon arrival, they find there is no case to solve after all. So why were they hired? During their time at Acre Shore, the detective unravels the mysteries woven deep within the town's history to discover what brought them to the town and why.


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