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Adventure Roll is a fully immersive 3D virtual tabletop for D&D 5e that combines the functionality of a VTT with the visuals of a video game to deliver the online D&D experience you've been waiting for. Dungeon masters can customize maps, place interactive traps, props, puzzles, and animated NPCs to set up homebrewed adventures within minutes. They can control the action from any angle, keep adventure notes, utilize a suite of tools via our integrated user interface, and even play alongside their players in 1st or 3rd person. The platform comes with embedded 5th edition rules, game mechanics, and automated dice roll calculations with character sheet updates to make game administration easy. Players can explore the world through the eyes of personalized, animated avatars that they can control in 1st or 3rd person. They can interact with objects, launch lifelike attacks against enemies, fall into traps, take damage, cast spells with particle effects, climb walls, swim, loot, role play with emotes, and more.


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