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Aftonbuilt was a dark new take on the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. The player is tasked with surviving four of the most harrowing locations in Fazbear history using only their wits, movement, and a set of handmade tools. Using these, the player will have to fight back, striking back against the monsters that hunt them using traps and the environment to corner and scrap them. All the while exploring these locations for the secrets that lay just beneath the surface. Set between the events of FNaF3 and FNaF6, you play as "The Mechanic", a good friend of "Phone Dude" and the main person responsible for anything robotics wise to do with Fazbears Fright. After you get a call from your friend about the current fire you're instructed to save "The real one" heading into the blaze to rescue what is unbeknownst to you, the haunted corpse of William Afton. After bringing what was left of his charred remains back to your home base, you try to restart the rabbits systems to run experiments. Only then does it occur to you there is more to him than you ever thought possible. Through a set of compatible hardware, Afton is able to transfer himself to your tablet screen, commanding it to speak and emote for him. He tells you tales of remnant and the idea of an eternal life, or even bringing back those who you've lost. Wowed by his words and unbeknownst of his past, you agree to rebuild Afton by salvaging parts and suits from what remains of Afton Robotics. Afton sends you to 4 locals from the FNaF universe, where the last active remnant in the world is still hosting a soul. Your job is to scrap the animatronics and collect this remnant to fuel Afton's return. In these locations, the last remainders of Fazbear Entertainment, will you uncover the truth about Afton. His life, his history, his acts and misdeeds as well as his relation to Henry Emily and the start of Fazbear Entertainment. The story is Non-linear and adjusts character dialogue and sequences based on the order you play the levels and find certain lore clues in, adding to replay value and making sure your playthrough is unique.


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