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Angelique étoile (étoile meaning "star" in French) is considered the fourth main installment of the Angelique series. Its PlayStation 2 port is one of the projects made for Neoromance's tenth anniversary. It is the first game in the series to not provide Angelique as the default name for the protagonist. Yuki Hori and Mami Matsushita are the producers; Kazuyuki Nakasa is the director. Midori Kusanada is the scenario director. Nobumasa Takagi composed the music. The Premium Box edition includes a collector's plate. The PS2 Premium Box has a character message CD, a scarf and a set of greeting cards. Consumers who purchased the Windows version early using Gamecity Shopping received an illustrated box sleeve with their purchase. The protagonist is a normal high school girl who was born in the Sacred Bird Cosmos. She and many other girls act as school representatives for a field trip to Holy Land the day after her seventeenth birthday. Like the other girls, she is asked by the Sacred Guardians to walk through a series of doorways. Her path ends at a mystical stone slab which shimmers in her presence. Moments afterwards, a spirit takes the form of her treasured childhood doll to inform her that she is the legendary étoile, or a celestial messenger for the cosmos. Her mission is to help nurture the Sacred Beast Cosmos's growth within a year (365 days).


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