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The world of Animus is a broken place — splintered, unreliable, fatal. Humanity crushed between a clash for untold dominance between the Absolutes, disorder, pain, and death befell mortals. All anyone could do was await death, but even that was quickly snatched away from the frail hands of man. In the end, perpetual strife and madness pervaded. Dangerous shadows stalk the grounds of the ruins, waiting to pounce on any living being, to lay blame and judgement. The identity of the narrator in the introduction is ambiguous. The narrator knows of the aforementioned — the tragedy and sorrow to befall this frail world. She is removed... perhaps, reluctant. There is a sense of resignation, an understanding that an end to this version of the world is best. Here all possibilities and realms interlace, and, as you know... rot must be cut away. As the narrator awaits the end, perhaps she beckons us to bring forth that end. Animus is a high-end Action RPG that offers superb graphics, incredible sound and music, and responsive combat controls. Player level and equipment progression have been streamlined so that players can jump into the punishment. Hours of challenging and rewarding gameplay are guaranteed in this tense screen crusher.


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