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Discover the planet of Ankora in a single-player survival adventure with exploration and crafting. A tale about growing up, relying on others to overcome challenges and connect with nature. Mûn is a Junior Ranger from the Interstellar Patrol, stranded in Ankora, an unknown planet, after her spaceship crashes there. Mûn will need to craft her own tools to collect the necessary resources for her adventure and overcome obstacles: rivers, lakes and waterfalls, mountains... And many monsters. She will soon learn to make her own paths, because Ankora is a unique and changing planet. Ankora is a huge place. Explore freely around this mysterious planet full of resources, but also dangers. Create different tools, build structures and unveil every corner of this wild planet terraforming the landscape in this calm and cute-as-heck survival game. Use the hammer to build structures, the shovel to dig and modify the terrain and other tools to collect resources from the planet. Use the bow and the spike to survive the dangers in Ankora. There are 6 different biomes in Ankora: forest, desert, meadow, snow mountains, etc. and more than 100 map levels to explore with amazing locations and many hidden secret places. Level up with each action and learn new recipes, skills in order to improve your chances of surviving. Visuals inspired by the Studio Ghibli films like Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. A modern setting in a fantasy universe. Meet Mûn before the events in Deiland: Pocket Planet and Summer in Mara.


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