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About Arre Unicornio

A new concept of the board game Arre Unicornio now driven to the madness that it can regale us with in video game format. Arre Unicornio is an online multiplayer video game for 2 to 8 players. Frantic party game of hidden roles in a madhouse. Mix of point and click and use of cards. In the asylum of ¡Arre Unicornio! nothing is what it seems. There are different ways to win depending on the role card being played at the time. The mentally ill will try to escape from the asylum, the doctors will try to arrest all the mentally ill to keep them well controlled, and the rest of the asylum staff have existential problems. Each player pursuing their own goal until they change sides. But to have any chance of winning you have to move fast, be very smart and be attentive to many things while the rest of the players drive you crazy with an arsenal of diseases and dodgy treatments they can throw at you, among other things. Courage! And do not lose your mind in the attempt.


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