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ArtFormer is a story-driven cinematic platformer with RPG elements. This Indie game project consists of four challenging story chapters each with a unique hero, different gameplay, and original art style based on existing fragments of human history: Cave paintings, Egyptian papyrus, Greek pottery, and Roman mosaic. The characters and stories seen through the eyes of ancient artists from different times will come to life before your eyes. Four chapters of ArtFormer each with a unique hero, storyline, and new mechanics! This isn't just a humble tribute to the cinematic platformers (Prince of Persia, Another World, Oddworld, Flashback...), but a proud continuation of their gaming legacies. ArtFormer's game controls are specially designed and adapted to enable gamers with reduced mobility or other impairment to one upper limb. Yes, this means that the game can be controlled with one hand. However, you cannot expect a "standard" control setup, but a slightly different control scheme than that used by other similar games. Please bear that in mind while playing. Four chapters of ArtFormer, sorted by art-style, each with a unique hero, and storyline: Cave Paintings In the first chapter, you play as a young boy, soon being to be initiated into manhood. Help your people, learn how to fight, travel through the caves, face many dangers, and fulfill your destiny. Became the leader of your tribe! Inspiration comes from the prehistoric cave paintings in Africa, Australia and Europe ast Tassili, Altamira, and others around the world. Egyptian Papyrus The story of the second chapter is about the Pharaoh's journey to the underworld. Help Pharaoh Ramesses II cross the treacherous river Nile. Get his mummy to the tomb and his soul to the underworld. Inspiration came from papyrus paintings, tomb fresco paintings, funeral equipment, and artefacts, as well as the statues in Egypt to reproduce the atmosphere and myth of Egyptian life after death. Greek Pottery The story of the third chapter depicts the legendary king Odysseus, his role in the Trojan War and his journey to the island of Ithaca. Fight to escape from the burning city of Troy, and travel across theAegean Sea. Face many mythological creatures, and find your way back home. Inspiration came from the almost 3,000 year old Greek pottery paintings across the styles of Minoan Crete, Athens, Sparta and others. Roman Mosaic In the fourth chapter, we follow the story of a gladiator during the ancient Roman republic. Find the way to the fighter's school, train, choose a combat style and buy different equipment. Fight for glory in the arena, make bitter foes and loyal friends. Be always on the alert, danger is lurking everywhere! Inspiration came from the 2,000-year-old Roman mosaics, found in Italy at Rome, Pompeii, Sicily, and many others. The idea behind this chapter is from the ruthless gladiator games. We want to show the contrast between them and the high aesthetic level of Roman culture.


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