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Artillerists is a turn-based strategy game that features deeply modernized gameplay mechanics of the favorite classic game Battleship. The battles are going between the artillery units of two conflicting settlements that fight for resources and domination. In order to win, Player should destroy the enemy’s armed forces, capture territories, earn money and upgrade their army. In addition to the main types of units and weapons, you can use unique ordnance, such as radar reconnaissance, volley fire, air strikes, artillery strikes and many others. These powerful arms will make your attacks even more devastating! But it’s not only about your military skills. An arms race and the struggle for a control over factories require some economic planning. The in-game currency and proper resource management will help you surpass your enemies. It is worth noting that there are no limits on the number of troops under your command. If you ever played a well-known game "Minesweeper" you will definitely enjoy a new improved ammunition of Artillerists that will let you know how far the enemy vehicles are from you. It makes the game truly tactical and exciting. It also trains your memory very well! The battleground is a big island, with different types of terrain, weather conditions, sizes of battlefields and combat missions. Additional and bonus missions with tricky tasks will please even the most demanding player. High-quality graphics and stylish music recreate a harsh atmosphere of the alternative world. An exciting storyline, vibrant characters and shocking final await you. Win the war!


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