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Reprise your rule as a "scav" in this post-apocalyptic first-person shooter. A voice on the radio is calling for you. Find this mysterious "Athena" and you might finally get some answers. Be mindful of your choices along your journey or face unintended consequences. Sometime in the last century, a nuclear blast annihilated the city of Atlanta. Subsequent explosions rippled across the globe, triggered by an unknown aggressor. The face of the world was changed forever. Out of the ruins have emerged bizarre and twisted monsters, strange otherworldly phenomena and a people driven by savagery. In the desiccated heart of old America, settlements struggle to survive the eerie wastes, mutated lifeforms... and each other. You are a scavenger. Stalker. Junker. The names are many but the profession remains the same - discover the lost treasures of the old world and get back home in one piece. But the world before will not easily give up its secrets - even now new powers are emerging, also keen to claim their share...


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