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Askutron is a trivia game for up to 8 players that can be played with gamepads and/or mobile devices featuring fully voiced questions. In this family-friendly party game you can play thousands of trivia questions in 21 categories with up to 7 friends! You can also find more questions on Steam Workshop, or simply create your own quiz! Questions are read out aloud by our robotic host, Askutron, in any of 18 supported languages including English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, and even Japanese! Out of the box the game includes questions in English and German only. Play through several different quiz rounds to earn points. In standard mode a short poll decides which category to play for each round whereas themed quizzes only contain questions about one topic. Features * 10,000+ trivia questions fully voiced in English and German * 21 categories such as movies, entertainment, science and nature * 5 different quiz round types including a team mode, more to come * Local and online multiplayer with up to 8 gamepads and mobile devices * Single-player mode: play against a bot trained by all Askutron players * Choose between various avatars and buzzer sounds * Steam Cloud support for synchronizing your profiles and custom quizzes * Play on Windows, Mac and Linux / SteamOS Make Your Own Quiz * Create your own quizzes with the included quiz editor * Play quizzes of other players and share your own via Steam Workshop * Even user-generated questions are read out aloud in up to 18 languages


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