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Azimuth is a metroidvania game, and something of an homage to the previous greats of the genre (Super Metroid in particular). You will need to pilot your ship, explore the inside of the planet, fight enemies, overcome obstacles, and uncover the storyline piece by piece. Azimuth features a huge game world to explore, lots of little puzzles to solve, dozens of weapons and upgrades to find and use, and a wide variety of enemies and bosses to tangle with. You are Major Shawna “Hopper” Jemison, a pilot in the Interstellar Patrol Force for the United Human Planets. For the past four years, the once-peaceful Joint Federation of Sentient Races (of which the Humans were one of five member species, in addition to the three SapiAIs) has been embroiled in civil war, with no end in sight. Four years ago, just before the dawn of the war, you were on patrol near the border separating Human space from that of the Trichords (a fellow member species of the JFSR), when you received an automated distress call from a remote research colony on the planetoid Zenith, home to hundreds of Human and Trichord scientists. As you set course for Zenith to assist them, the signal suddenly went dead. Whatever was happening down there, something had just destroyed their transmitter array--a bad sign. The game begins as you arrive at the colony to find it badly damaged and apparently abandoned. You must explore Zenith to find and rescue the colonists, to determine what disaster took place here, and to discover the secret that would soon start a galactic civil war...


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